Public consultation on the proposed changes to Australian Near Coastal (NC) Certificates of Competency opens on Monday 5 August 2019.
AMSA are seeking feedback on the following specific areas that may be relevant to all or part of the Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) industry:

  • Is the draft Marine Order 505 easy to understand?

  • Are there any sections that are not clear?

  • Do you agree that an application for a new certificate of competency should include the requirement to hold a first-aid certificate?

  • Do you think a medical fitness certificate for a new issue and self-declaration of medical fitness for renewal is appropriate for the lower grade certificates?

  • Do you think the eligibility requirements and duties for a Coxswain grade 3 NC are appropriate?

  • Do you think a recreational boat licence is sufficient for a Coxswain grade 3?

  • Do you wish to comment on any other aspect of the order?

The consultation will be open until Sunday, 29 September 2019.

During this period, the consultation will be supported by a series of information sessions including one in Melbourne on 22 August at 10am at venue TBC.

Millie Kelly