With over 30 years’ experience in the property industry, Daved Lambert has developed successful projects in the residential, land subdivision, commercial and retail sectors. In addition to the development business, he owns and manages a significant portfolio of property holdings in both New South Wales and Victoria. 

Outside of property, Daved Lambert is a founding Director and board member of Stile Education with over 50 full time employees and offices all around Australia. He has owned numerous businesses over his career, in various industries including, events management, aerated concrete technology and publishing, and still operates as a consultant to across these areas.

Further to his business activities, Daved Lambert is the chairman and trustee for a family charitable foundation focusing on investments in the Australian equity markets.

Daved Lambert is currently a multiple boats owner with a houseboat at Lake Eildon, a Mastercraft Surf Boat, a Haines Ski Boat and a Brig Inflatable.  He has been involved in boating since the age of sixteen. Having dealt with a large cross section of the industry including marina operators, workshops, dealerships, boat builders and the like, he is truly passionate about the industry and its future. 

Welcome on board Daved !

Millie Kelly