Sunday morning was an amazing event for boating with the Premier, the Boating Minister and the Ports Minister all in attendance at the Warmies Boat Ramp for a key election outcome announcement. In recent months we’ve seen the announcement of a first-ever Minister for Boating. We’ve seen the establishment of Better Boating Victoria. We’ve seen a massive $45m dedicated to boating in the 19/20 state budget. And now this power trio, at a -prominent boat ramp, announcing the abolition of launching and parking fees.

At the same time, the Premier, Daniel Andrews, reiterated the government’s intent to use every dollar generated through boat registrations and marine licences, to boating facilities and infrastructure. Our number one wish for a long time. The Boating Minister Jaala Pulford added that work was also progressing with regard to improved management and governance models, and toward the strategic approach to directing the funds toward the best boating outcomes. We will stay close to the government as this further unfolds and as we’ve said all along, we remain highly expectant that all election related commitments will be followed through. The Premier was very clear in affirming that on Sunday.

There is plenty of other interesting news below including an encouraging development regarding PWCs, and a simplified exhibitor model for our new Lake Eildon Boating and Fishing Show

Millie Kelly