Position Statement

Frankston Safe Boating Refuge - Olivers Hill Boat Ramp

December Update: We have now loaded the OurSay online survey in relation to the Olivers Hill project.  I would encourage you to have a look at the website and complete the survey.

Direct Link to online survey: https://oursay.org/frankston-city-council/olivers-hill


  • The Volunteer Coast Guard acknowledges the lack of a safe boat refuge and a base for search and rescue operations in Frankston, and the coastal area that VF1 protects. A movement to address this is underway and has the support of Frankston City Council, BIAV, VR Fish, TTTAF and the Water Police.

  • There is of great concern to Volunteer Coast Guard with regard to safety for those launching boats, as well as the lack of a base to store the rescue fleet. Other supporters, including BIAV share these concerns, as well as concerns around the negative impact on boating activity and demand.

  • Supporters of a safe boating refuge acknowledge the recent improvements to the actual boat ramp, however note its inadequacies, non-protection from most wind and tidal impacts, and its inefficiencies. And the resulting under-utilisation.

  • VFI has instigated a written, as well as an on-line petition, to gain further community and political support for the project. (Link below) VFI is also leading a committee, of which BIAV is a part, to further the project.

BIAV Position and Actions:

  • BIAV supports the call for the safe boating refuge and for government support for the project.

  • BIAV recognises in particular the safety aspects of the project, however also the boating, economic and lifestyle benefits that it will provide.

  • BIAV is disturbed by the current under-utilisation of the facility. Further, BIAV is alarmed by the response time for Volunteer Coast Guard call-outs, due to there being no on-site berthing for the rescue vessel/s.

  • BIAV supports the public petitions and will share it via its e-news, social media and website. BIAV also supported the written petition, with it being promoted at the recent Melbourne Boat Show.

  • BIAV congratulates VF1 at Frankston for their decades of service to the boating industry and community and currently for leading this vital project.

Council Summary:

This council summary provides a concise update (Nov 2018) as to this project and important proposed project for boating in Victoria

  1. Notes the proposed concept designs for a safe boat refuge at Olivers Hill and a Frankston Coast Guard building at Olivers Hill;

  2. Authorise Council officers to commence consultation with the wider community and interested groups on the proposed works with the outcomes of the consultation to be reported back at a Council meeting in February 2019;

  3. Notes the draft preliminary environment and planning assessment undertaken by KBR which sets out the further technical assessments required to inform the environmental and planning approvals process for the project;

  4. Supports the total estimated project cost of approximately $24M (subject to further investigations) and proposes the following funding contributions: · Council Pledge $8M; · State Government ask $8M; and · Federal Government ask $8M.

  5. Notes the completion of the project within the identified timelines depends on funding being secured from State and Federal Government; and Requests the Australian Volunteer Coastguard to make an appropriate contribution towards the project.


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