The BIAV AGM was successfully conducted on Tuesday 30 April at the Albert Park Yachting and Angling Club.

Highlights included the Life membership induction of Gordon Howlett, the formation of a new Board, the reporting of a very successful financial period, and the voting in of a new Constitution.

President Mark Crockford described the new Constitution as a big step for the Association and a sign of continuing governance improvements. Mark thanked his fellow Constitution Review Committee members consisting of Rod Smith, Andrew Warner, Gordon Howlett and Steve Walker, as well as all of the members that took an active part in its development. The new document can be viewed on the BIAV website here.

The approval of the new Constitution meant that the process for the new Board format of five Elected and two Appointed board members could take place. That being the case, the five nominees, being Mark Crockford, Scott O’Hare, John Temple, David Meehan and Rohan Veal were duly elected to the Board. The newly formed Board wasted no time in appointing Alistair Murray to the Board, and undertook to fill the other Appointed position  very soon. To view more details in relation to the Board please click here.

Finance Chair Alistair Murray reported on a very successful financial period with a strong surplus that exceeded budget by $50,000, an improved equity position by $1.2m, an elimination of debt, and a strong receivables position. Alistair also emphasised the surplus being achieved, despite an increased investment in advocacy, and strong delivery of other services to members.

CEO Steve Walker thanked the Board, the staff, the committees and the members for what had been a very successful 2018. Some of the highlights referenced in his report related to a growth in member relations and membership, a very successful Boat Show, some amazing advocacy outcomes, the strong financial result, and the year-long process to engage members and develop a new strategic plan through to 2021.

Gordon’s elevation to the Association’s highest honour capped off the occasion. A former President, long time Board Member, interim CEO, and industry veteran with his business Fishing Getaways, Gordon was delighted to receive the award, presented by current President Mark Crockford.  

To view the Annual Report please click here.

Millie Kelly