As a BIAV member or industry partner you will no doubt be aware of the efforts in recent times with regard to boating fees collected ($27m per year), the major shortcomings with regard to boating facility and infrastructure spending by government, and Ramp Rage.
As a result of a sustained advocacy effort and the Ramp Rage campaign, we are pleased to advise, that going into the 24 November state election, that both major political parties have listened, and have acted.
You can see below the Comparison Document, which is a summarised version of each of their policy positions in relation to many of BIAV’s requested changes. It is clear that we have bi-partisan support for the changes and improvements needed.
We therefore thank both parties, and we once again thank everyone that has had anything to do with the extensive advocacy and Ramp Rage efforts.
Please see the below Comparison Document, noting that whoever wins the election we plan to work closely with to ensure delivery, and to see through the much needed changes and improvements.

Millie Kelly