Williamstown and wave surge


Hobsons Bay waterfront clubs, marinas and businesses are highly concerned by wave surge issues and the threat to people (lives), boats, businesses, infrastructure, heritage and the area as a prominent boating precinct.

Regardless of weather conditions, and even on calm/still days, wave surges below the water surface frequently take place.

Whilst further professional studies are required, this is believed to be caused by a combination a ship/ferry water displacement, silt build up, water shallowness, and lack of rockwall/wave attenuation.

A stakeholder group, concerned for property, people, and the potential worsening of the situation has formed. The group consists of representatives from Holdfast Moorings, HBYC, Blunt, Savage Wharf, Aussie Boat Sales, Yachting Vic, HMAS Castlemaine, RYCV, and BIAV.

The efforts of this group, lead by BIAV, HBYC and RYCV has effectively caught the attention of the Ports Minister, Boating Minister, Parks Victoria CEO, HBCC Mayor, TSV Safety Director and Harbour Master, who are all now engaged and concerned.

The Ports Minister has allocated funding for a project/study to establish cause, effect and possible solutions. (April 2019)

Parks Victoria has been assigned the task of facilitating the project/study. (May 2019)




  • BIAV is pleased with this awareness and intent however is frustrated, along with the stakeholder group that the project/study still has not commenced.

  • BIAV has made this frustration clear to the Ports Minister, Boating Minister and Parks Victoria CEO and as of the middle of August has been assured the project/study will be underway ‘very soon’.

  • BIAV and the stakeholder group have asked that from a long-term state government funding perspective, that an allocation be made for 20/21, even if, in advance of the project/study being completed. Noting, something is going to have to be done, and waiting for the 21/22 budget or later, is an unacceptable delay.

Updated August 2019