Position Statement

Patterson River - Draft Concept Plan 2018

Updated:           27 May 2018



  •  The Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP) has circulated the draft concept plan for the Patterson River precinct and provided a relatively short period of time for feedback/submissions.

  • Launching Way as a key asset of the Patterson River precinct is one of the state’s best, if not the best and most prolific boating facility. It is a highly valued public boating resource.


BIAV Position and Actions:

In response to the aims for the lower precinct –

  • Support a variety of recreational boating activities

    This of course is positive language and in general terms has BIAV support. However if fee paying boating, through licencing and registration, is diminished through this process, this is of great concern to BIAV.

  • Create greater amenity for passive land-based recreation

    Another positive concept however any space taken for these developments that diminish space, efficiencies and boating access are misplaced. The energy should be into recognising the increasing demand for boat launching efficiencies including traffic flow and parking, and maximising improvements in those areas.

  • Ensure the asset is fully, fairly and safely utilised by the public

    This is another positive, yet generic aim that is hard to disagree with when not explained. Fairness with regard to who has paid for the majority of the facilities (boaters through licences and registrations) is acknowledged. Safety will be enhanced by boating facility specific upgrades including for parking, traffic flow, access to the water, as well as enhanced signage/markers on land and in the water.

  • To ensure sustainability, both environmentally and commercially

    BIAV supports this as a general proposition. BIAV does however, also recognise the industry utilisation of the precinct and in particular the many charter operators and their customers that require the facility to be as efficient and effectice as currently, or more so.














  • Concerned by the apparent ignorance of the 2017 master-planning exercise for Launching Way.

  • Concerned by the emphasis on multi-usage and the threat of this being to the detriment of boating opportunities for the fee paying boating public.

  • Concerned by the overall lack of reference to this being Victoria’s premier public boating facility and the need to maintain it as that and to build on this to meet growing demand.

  • Concerned by the inference to replace the expert human resource on-site and replace with a ticket machine system.

  • This concept plan should be about elevating this precinct, over-time, into being one of Australia’s best quality and most prolific public boating facilities. And not about being distracted by developing it for other uses that can be enjoyed nearby. Precinct developments should be to enhance the public boating opportunities and experiences so as to maximise the asset that the river and entrance to Port Phillip is.

  • Reference to accepting limitations and likening them to sold-out football matches is misplaced. The focus needs to be on recognising peak periods and demand, and planning to maximise all efficiencies and therefore capacity. The ‘mind-set’ must be about maximising capacity, not accepting unnecessary limitations so as to enhance land based amenities.

More specifically –

  • Fenced playground and picnic area west of Launching Way

    If this is planned to the detriment of traffic flow and efficiency, and reduces the opportunity to address parking short-comings for peak periods, then this is misplaced and should be removed from the concept plan.

  • Protect visual amenity and native vegetation from further development

    This inference is too generic and should be removed.

  • Non-powered only boating zone at the eastern end of the lower precinct

    A step in the wrong direction for fee paying public boaters.

  • Bury power lines along eastern boundary of Launching Way to remove hazard for CFA

    Unsure if this is a DELWP issue and whether it should be included.

  • Revegetate edge to improve amenity and provide screening

    Emphasis must be on enhancing traffic flow and efficiencies, and therefore capacity, and in doing so ensure vegetation is protected whenever possible and replaced.

  • Local community events held on overflow car park a few times per year (not in peak season)

    This indicates a lack of understanding of Launching Way, its significance as a public boating facility and its value to boaters. It indicates a non-understanding of the year-

  • Larger picnic area at the eastern end of the carpark and toilet facilities

    Important improvements however not to be to the detriment of traffic flow, efficiencies and capacity.

  • Consider co-located multipurpose facility incorporating coastguard/Paddle clubs/Parks Victoria/Commercial space (eg, Bait and Tackle, Café)

    Seeking clarity on this, including location, and the contradiction with regard to the threat to on-site management.



 BIAV is seeking a specific audience with the Minister to address these concerns.


Further links and attachments:


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