Position Statement

Proposed Wake Ban for parts of the Murray River between Bundalong and Corowa

Updated:           22 May 2017



  • There is a strong possibility that wake inducing boating activities will be banned, as a trial, in parts of the above mentioned sections of the Murray River.

  • The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) appears to be in support of the trial ban, which is set to be imposed by Roads & Maritime Services for NSW (RMS) and the Minister Melinda Pavey.

  • The main rational for the proposed trial ban is erosion, said to be caused in part by boat created wake.

  • BIAV has uncovered what it understands to be contradictory evidence, from MDBA’s own documentation, that indicates the main cause of the erosion is river management (raising and lowering depth levels and the volume of water moving 24/7), not boat induced wake. 

Meanwhile, the ban, if enacted will have serious implications for –

  • Wakeboard enthusiasts

  • Several BIAV member businesses in the wakeboarding sector, including some fear of exit from the Victorian marketplace in terms of manufacture and supply

  • Service providers

  • Tourism operators in the area

  • An overall social and economic impact that would be devastating for the region and for the wider boating industry, considering the flow on affects.

BIAV Position and Actions:

  • BIAV believes that the science is absolutely non-conclusive and the proposed trial ban should not proceed.

  • BIAV is working with local manufacturers and service providers, as well as with BIA in Sydney, to influence an alternate outcome.

  • BIA is now, on behalf of BIA and BIAV making submissions and approaches to the Minister in an attempt to thwart this proposed trial ban.

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