Position Statement

State Significant Western Port Boat Ramp

Updated:  01 October 2018

Project Outline:

  • The Mornington Peninsula Marine Alliance (MPMA) is a ‘Not for Profit’ Industry Association of marine enterprises, whose major purpose is to promote and support local commercial and recreational marine enterprises in their prosperity and development.

  • The Mornington Peninsula Marine Alliance undertook a Boat Ramp Feasibility and Options project in 2016.

  • The purpose of this project was to identify how best to expand existing capacity of local marine infrastructure and most importantly, identify any potential sites for new boat ramps.

  • The findings of this preliminary report indicated that there were two possible sites for a 4-lane public boat ramp with potential for accommodating 300 car and trailer parking adjacent.

  • The identified sites are:
    - Yaringa Road, Somerville
    - Stony Point Road, Stony Point


State Significant Western Port Boat Ramp Best Option Report:

In 2018, the MPMA received funding to undertake the options report from the Victorian State Government’s Boating Safety Facilities Program (Master planning Category). The Report Project goals are:

  • To clearly establish the best and most feasible option for establishing the state significant boat ramp at either Yaringa Road Somerville or Stony Point Road Stony Point

  • Whilst considering a broad range of key financial, social, environmental, community and industry concerns.


  • BIAV supports the MPMA in delivering the project and provides a member to the project management committee

  • BIAV commits to advocating for future funding of the identified boating facility upgrade