Position Statement

Proposed Closure of Walkerville South Boat Ramp

Updated:           July 2018



  • The Walkerville Foreshore Committee is the government (DELWP) appointed committee of management for the Walkerville coastal precinct. As well as the coastline, beaches, boat ramps and other coastal infrastructure, the committee manages the camp ground within the precinct.

  • The Walkerville Bluewater Boating and Angling Club is the local club that predominately uses the local boating facilities and infrastructure.

  • BIAV understands, from discussions and emails with both Walkerville Foreshore Committee and the Walkerville Bluewater Boating and Angling Club, that there is a proposal by the committee to close the Walkerville South boat ramp during peak periods. This was also published in the committee’s newsletter late in 2017. Peak periods would relate primarily to the Christmas through to Australia Day period, and also Easter.

  • BIAV understands that the Walkerville North boat ramp has recently undergone funded work, by government and the committee, including an extensive rock wall being erected for protective purposes.

  • There is some conjecture however, as to the value of the overall upgrade, as vehicle flow and parking capacity may have been diminished in the process.

The club’s position –

On 20/7/18 the club posted on its Facebook page its formal position with regard to the proposed closure. In part the club’s position is as follows -

It has been announced that the Walkerville Foreshore Committee plan to close the boat ramp at South Walkerville during peak times i.e. Christmas & Easter. While on the surface this seems to be a good idea to separate boats from swimmers, the reality is, the redevelopment at Nth Walkerville means car and trailer parking has been severely reduced, closing Sth Walkerville would only make the situation worse. The position of the committee of the Walkerville Blue Water Boating & Angling Club is that South has to remain open at all times.

Click here to see the club's Position in full


BIAV Actions

  • BIAV is very cautious with regard to any boat ramp closure as trailer boat water access is already well below required levels.

  • BIAV supports the club’s position until such time that it can be demonstrated that traffic flow and parking capacity at Walkerville North boat ramp has been at least maintained, however ideally enhanced.

  • BIAV’s position is to keep the Walkerville South boat ramp open at this stage, and for the committee to explore other options to safely accommodate, and separate, swimmers and boaters.