The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) condemned Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for its ongoing public attacks on a family activity and for its anti-powerboating agenda.

“The Mornington Peninsula Shire is home to over 10,000 powerboat registrations and therefore owners,” said Steve Walker, CEO of the Boating Industry Association of Victoria.

“This also includes over 25,000 marine licence holders. Mornington Peninsula Shire councillors should be aware of this.”

“We’ve watched the ongoing attacks on the powerboating community from this council with a growing sense of unease.”

“The data on power boating risk and safety seem to be completely ignored by the Shire, in what some have described as an attempt at political point scoring, rather than safety” he added.

Some things to consider –

  • PWC usage is the fasted growing area of power boating in Victoria

  • Mornington Peninsula is a terrific boating region with over 10,000 registered boat owners, 25,000 marine licence holders, and over 50,000 boating enthusiasts

  • Despite hysteria to the contrary, PWC usage is a safe past time. In terms of serious incident reporting, hospitalisation data, and deaths/serious injury, PWC usage is safer than activities including, however not limited to pony riding and gymnastics.

  • Current laws, including strict hoon laws are already in place and have the support of the boating industry and community. These laws should be used to weed out the offending minority

The Boating Industry Association supports Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) in developing the Irregular Riding Rule, as well as to increase education, awareness and signage. Also supported is stricter application of the current Hoon rules for better enforcement by TSV and the Water Police.

“Everyone wants the offending minority dealt with. The idea however, that encouraging complaints from the wider community about PWC users whilst ignoring the actual safety data, will lead to improved safety outcomes is rejected by BIAV” said Steve Walker.

Media Inquiries:
Steve Walker, CEO
Boating Industry Association of Victoria
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Millie Kelly