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Earlier this week at Altona Boat Ramp the Boating Minister Jaala Pulford launched Better Boating Victoria. This is another significant step in the right direction in terms of the ‘roll-out’ of 2018 election commitments. BIAV, through careful advocacy, and also through Ramp Rage, called for three major things - boating fee hypothecation, improved governance/management, and a strategic approach to utilising the hypothecated funds. 

This announcement supports all three of these things and is good news. We now look forward to the legislation to set up the hypothecation of the fees into the Better Boating Fund, which is expected to happen by September this year. Free launching and parking, and interim improvements to some facilities may get underway sooner. We will stay very close to this and do our best to keep our members informed. For more info see the below item.

— Steve Walker, CEO

Millie Kelly