Message from CEO Steve Walker: 

Ramp Rage has had enormous traction with over 150,000 video views and excessive engagement through Facebook in particular.
My response to this is best captured in THIS SHORT VIDEO CLIP.
Meanwhile, we are calling on everyone in the industry, and in the boating community to go to THE RAMP RAGE WEBSITE and sign up as a Supporter (takes 20 seconds), and forward to your friends and network.
Ramp Rage is the online platform and call to action for the boating community and boating industry.
In summary –

  • $27m is collected each year in boat registrations and marine licences by the Victorian Government
  • There is a requirement that it be spent on recreational boating
  • Only $3m per year being spent accordingly (boat ramps)
  • As a result there are failing facilities, reduced water access, and a negative impact on boating perceptions and participation
  • There has been significant opportunity lost in terms of industry growth and jobs
  • This has resulted in delays, frustration, and Ramp Rage

BIAV asks that you consider the information on the website and Facebook page and if you see fit –


As discussed at each of the 12 recent BIAV Road Show meetings, the larger the numbers of Supporters, the more influence the campaign will have, and this is an absolutely crucial political stage.

Supporters is the main game, so we hope to see this number rise with your involvement.

Millie Kelly