The petition of the Volunteer Coast Guard, boating, fishing and broader community of the City of Frankston and its regional residents who use Port Phillip seeks acknowledgement of the lack of a safe boat refuge and a base for search and rescue operations.  We seek at Frankston, financial support from the state and federal governments for a safe boat refuge and Coast Guard facilities.

Coast Guard Frankston has been actively engaged in Marine rescue and safety out of Frankston since 1962.  Nearly sixty years.   Coast Guard Frankston is an all volunteer service that prides it self on our ability to respond to rescues and the preservation of the environment of waterways and foreshores.

This proposed development is a priority project for the Frankston Council and is supported by the Volunteer Coast Guard, BIA Vic, Vr Fish, TTTAF and the Water Police

We put this petition up with confidence knowing that over twenty years of detailed research into the area around Oliver's Hill has been done which include as a minimum;

·     wind, tides and wave actions

·     geology

·     sand movement 

Any construction  approval will be subject to an environmental impact study together with;

·     Cultural heritage management plan

·     Hydrographic  studies modelling

·     State planning approval

We are asking you to support Marine Safety by;

·     Allowing those who use the boat ramp to launch and retrieve safely,

·     Allows other users of Port Phillip to find shelter when in trouble,

·     to provide a permanent mooring for a Coast Guard Frankston rescue vessel.

·     Allowing a berth for Water Police vessels.

Supporting Information.

·      Frankston is central to the greatest number of recreational boat users and fishermen accessing Port Phillip via Carrum and Frankston.   A safe boat refuge in Frankston would have a huge impact on response times throughout Port Phillip including both Carrum and Mornington areas based on current incident data. 

·     The current boat ramp at Oliver's Hill in Frankston is unsafe and mariners have no protection from winds from the North, West or South when launching or retrieving.

 ·     There is no all-weather primary response marine rescue vessel based at Frankston. A safe refuge will not only facilitate this but also increase the presence of the Water Police enhancing safety for mariners and the public.

·      On average there are in excess of 120 marine responses per year out of the Carrum/ Frankston area.

 ·     It can take over 40 minutes for a primary response vessel to arrive from Carrum to be off Frankston Pier area in rough conditions. The average mean temperature of surface water in Port Phillip is between 11ºC and 22ºC. (CSIRO) Hypothermia as a medical issue that occurs when body temperature gets below 35ºC. 

·     It will provide an important facility to provide Education and Training in Marine Safety.  New facilities are critical as the current building has been deemed unsafe for use.   The Marine Rescue and Training facility should be located near the existing boat ramps at Oliver's Hill which are key to enhancing maritime  training and education as well as increasing the numbers  of volunteers and opportunities.

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Millie Kelly