Australian Builders Plate

Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats (ABP)

The National Standard for the Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats is a standard for an Australian Builders Plate (ABP) that is fixed to certain recreational boats used in Australia, as specified in the Standard. The National Standard can be viewed here - National Standard for the Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats


Australian Builders Plate Compliance Inspection Program 2018-2019

As outlined in 2018 BIAV E News, Maritime Safety Victoria will be carrying out a compliance inspection program to assess duty holder compliance with Australian Builders Plate (ABP) requirements for recreational vessels sold in Victoria. This program of work will continue until May 2019.


The aims are to ensure that:

• Relevant vessels for sale have ABPs fitted

• That the plates are legible and close to the helm where they can be seen when the vessel is operated

• That the information values on the plate appear to conform with the referenced technical standard.


Where there is reason to believe that requirements are not being met, manufacturers may be asked to provide copies of calculations and test reports which support the listed values. Non-compliance with the ABP requirements may result in regulatory action, including the use of improvement and prohibition notices.


The Safety Update 2018 provides details on the regulatory framework which applies in Victoria to the requirements for fitting of ABPs and the provision of safety information. It outlines the compliance inspection program and provides relevant extracts from the legislation.


If BIAV members have any questions regarding the ABP and your obligations, please contact the Maritime Technical Services team at MSV on (03) 9655 3399.


Update 1st August 2019



·         Compliance with the Law is non-negotiable. ALL new vessels on display for sale in Victoria MUST have a complaint Australian Builders Plate attached.

·         Entry into the 2020 Melbourne Boat Show will be conditional on all exhibited boats displaying a compliant ABP.

·         BIAV will actively support all our industry manufacturers and dealers, regardless of your BIAV membership status, to improve compliance with ABP legislated requirements.

·         BIAV will work closely with Maritime Safety Victoria (and other jurisdictions) to ensure the Victorian Industry strives for, and delivers, a gold standard in ABP compliance.



BIAV has facilitated a number of forums to demonstrate the industry commitment to 100% ABP compliance and assist industry members with further information/support, connect members with regulatory officers and deliver on the aim of continued excellence in the Victorian marine industry.


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